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December 14, 2014

BBM Volution V4.0

BBM Volution V4.0
Based BBM Official V2.5.0.36

- move to SD
- refresh/reload
- resize icon maintab
- Enable Enter Key
- Running Text Pm
- FB or Twitter Settings
- Notif Icon Kelap Kelip
- Big DP
- Custom Font
- Hide Show Main Tab bar
- And Other

Link Download:
Google Drive
Note: Please dont mirror link!!!

Versi 4.3: Klik Disini
Versi 4.5: Klik Disini
Versi 4.8: Klik Disini

Give Thanks to:
-Candra Prasetia
-Dhian Rusdiana
-Yoyocx S
-Keys Roline
-Trangga Ken
-Azhar Rivaldi
-Rahman Ramsi
-and You.

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