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December 14, 2014

BBM Windows Pink Hello Kitty Based BBM V2.5.1.46

BBM WINDOWS PHONE Pink Hello Kitty Version
By Teguh Ari Wibowo

- Big DP di own Profile
- Running Text PM
- Reload or Refresh BBM
- Ubah Dimens Chats Feed Grup
- Pink Bubble Chat
- Custom Emoticon and full colour text
- NOT Clone and Clone
- NOT Enterkey
- Custom settings icon switch
- Notif Kelap Kelip Windows Pink
- Hide Show List chat (Biar Doble sama fitur asli um trangga)
- Auto Rotation
- Changed blackberry.png to windowsphone.png
- Big DP on settings
- Add About BBM Windows Phone
- and Many More

‪#‎Hilangin‬ Omni Header, biar full Pinky Swear Prity Swear


Untuk Munculin List Chat atau chat aktif, tekan DP. dan untuk nyembunyiin Tekan DP lagi. Tekan Icon Windows Phone yang ada di Slide untuk Hide Semuanya. Tekan lg untuk munculin (fitur asli BBM wp um trangga)

Link Download:
NOT CLONE: Google Drive
CLONE: Google Drive
Note: Please dont mirror link!!!

Give Thanks To:
- Trangga Ken
- Rahman Ramsi
- Dhian R
- Pegellinux
- And All Member This Grup…

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